Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year

 mothers-birthday-16The photo is from Ed’s mother’s 90th birthday party in Monroe, LA.  This was our biggest trip this past year.  Our lives seem to be measured by our trips and 2016 was a slow year.

We got away from our daily routine for several weekends to visit friends in Idaho and to attend the Chaplains to Retired Clergy conference in Vancouver, WA.

Ed did get to go to the Philippines again.  Traveling to some familiar places and some new ones; most notable were the Island of Samar and the city of Zamboanga in Mindanao.

Our pride is our grandchildren.  Sabina and Anika (Beth’s daughters) live close, so we see them often.  This year brought a change as Sabina started Kindergarten so we don’t have our weekly Opamemietag.  They all grow up so fast – where does the time go? 

 Wendy’s children, Danna, Riley, and Braden; Danna is a High School senior and cheerleader and has picked her college.  Riley is a key player on the Championship football team at Nashville Christian School and about to pass the rite of passage called driver’s license.  Braden is a junior engineer, loving anything mechanical or that can be built.

 Jerilee’s girls, Jenna and Jordan are both on their school dance team and both are leaders.  Jenna started High School this year and Jordan is right behind. 

Debbie has cleaned and organized her studio and is back at work with her creative projects. 

Ed is part-time Interim Vicar of St. Benedict’s church in Lacey, WA.  We continue as our community’s representatives to the local food bank.

Age and its related health issues have caused us to slow down some, but we do our best to stay active and somehow manage to be busy most of the time.  We continue to enjoy our home and community and look forward to the new year.  Our household is complete with our cat, Piper (Ed calls him Flash because he is constantly on the run).

 We’ll probably make a road trip when Ed’s job is completed and perhaps will show up at your door.  We’re both on Facebook, connect with us there.

 We wish you God’s grandest blessings during the Christmas season and for the New Year.  Come and visit if you’re in our part of the country.

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