Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!Christmas

Time flies when you’re having fun.  We end 2018 with a full awareness of God’s grandest blessings, especially in our children (and sons-in-law) and grandchildren.  Danna is 20 and in her second year of college; Riley is 18 and a HS senior; Jenna is a HS junior and 17; Jordan a HS Freshman and 15; Anika and Braden are 5th grade and 10; Sabina is 8 and in 1st grade.  All are doing well in school and other activities.  We are proud of all our kids and grandkids and thankful for their good health and prosperity.

We are doing well and celebrated our 44th Wedding anniversary in August and Ed celebrated 25 years of ordination.  It’s hard to believe we’ve been retired from the Air Force for 28 years and from full time ministry and lived in Olympia for 9 years.  Ed continues to work part time as Vicar of St. Benedict’s church in Lacey, WA (just a short distance from our home).

Our travels were limited in 2018 due to health issues for us both.  Ed’s mother, Louise, died last January and we were in Monroe, LA for her funeral and family gathering. Ed had a chance to visit a friend from Okinawa days in San Diego in August.  We got away for Thanksgiving on a short road trip to Mt. Home, ID with special friends.  We also had visits from Jerilee and Wendy and long-time friends from Lewiston and Mt. Home, ID.

Ed had back surgery in May and has recovered completely from the surgery and the problems that caused the surgery.  Debbie suffered recurring infections and had a below-the-knee amputation also in May.  Her recovery is going well; she has a prosthetic foot and is getting more mobile each day.

Our hopes for the new year are continuing good health and renewed opportunities for travel.  We look forward to Beth, Anika, and Sabina returning from Germany in the summer – and visits with our other grandchildren in TX and TN.  We are comfortable and settled in our home of 9 years.  If you’re in our part of the country in the new year – let us know, we’d love to see you.

We wish you God’s grandest blessings this holiday season and for the new year.

Ed & Debbie Lovelady  :