My first trip to the Philippines, August 17 – 27, 2009.  Fr. Teogenes Bernardez and I traveled to the Episcopal Diocese of Santiago, Santiago City, Luzon as representatives of the Episcopal Diocese of Nevada.  Our mission was to meet the clergy and people of the diocese and to negotiate a Companion Diocese Relationship between our two diocese.  Our trip was successful in all aspects and a fantastic opportunity to connect with new places and new people.

PEC center banner
Presentation of Diocese of Nevada Banner to the Prime Bishop — Episcopal Church Center and Diocese of Santiago

Our first day in the Philippines was meeting the Prime Bishop and staff.  We presented the Prime Bishop with a banner of the

Drive to Sagada and return to Manila
Drive to Sagada and return to Manila

Seal of The Diocese of Nevada.

We drove to Santiago and spent time with diocesan clergy, visited congregations, worked on the Companion Diocese Relationship agreement, and did some tourist stuff  (text is posted in my travel journal).

When our business was done, we drove to Sagada, and returned to Manila